About Stephanie & Jason Duffy and Prairie Orchard

We have both lived in the Boulder Valley area for decades. Our home, where we are raising our children, is only seconds from the site. As members of the community ourselves, any community concerns around this project are our concerns as well. Jason was a Boulder Police Officer for 18 years. Stephanie is an artist and art therapist. She studied art and linguistics at CU and transpersonal psychology at Naropa.

Prairie Orchard is a community space on Niwot Rd, that will be available to people of Boulder County and beyond. Our intention is to share the healing qualities of this slice of paradise with the larger community. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the peace, beauty and magic of the area. We will make the space available for therapeutic, educational, spiritual, and social purposes to support community and connection to the natural world.

We believe it is essential for anyone and everyone to have access to the beauty of these agricultural lands.The US Surgeon General released a new advisory calling attention to the public health crisis of loneliness, isolation, and lack of connection in our country. We need more places where people can come together to heal and to experience community in a beautiful rural setting.

  • Bringing people together to have positive, healing experiences in a rural environment helps bring awareness to the value of agricultural lands and the health of the planet as a whole.
  • We will support environmental conservation by offering classes on traditional herbalism, permaculture, wildlife and more.
  • We want the natural area to be available to all, regardless of ability, income, class or identity.
  • Prairie Orchard can support local therapists, treatment centers, and teachers by offering the space for their workshops. We can support other local businesses such as caterers, florists, hotels, and more through retreats and events.