Frequently Asked Questions

Is Prairie Orchard re-zoning the property at 5114 Niwot Road?
No, what we are doing is going through a Special Use review, which is not changing the zoning of the property or any of the properties nearby.
Has the lot failed to meet minimum zoning requirements?
No, the county has deemed the lot zoned agricultural and has been since it was created.
Will this project be creating a negative impact on the transportation system?
According to both the Traffic Engineer that we have consulted with extensively as well as the Boulder County Access and Engineering, there aren’t significantly concerns with traffic added due to the kinds of events we are proposing we host. The majority of the car traffic in the area is from the residents communing to and from work, which happens around 8-9 am and 4-6 pm. We also will be working with shuttle services and promoting bicycling to events when that is appropriate. We will strongly suggest carpooling as much as possible for local guests.
What about traffic hazards? How do you plan to manage those?
We will have signs to put up informing drivers and bicyclists when larger events are happening, and we have a former police officer on staff to help direct traffic when necessary. We are setting up the driveway and parking area to allow efficient parking and shuttle drop off so that cars don’t back up on Niwot Road.
Won’t this project upset the wildlife migration corridor?
We are leaving open fencing around the irrigation ditches that move through the property on the north and south side, which is where the native creatures migrate. Furthermore, doing sacred ceremony on the land will actually help us as individuals come more into right relationship with nature teach us all how to be better stewards of the land.
How are you planning on mitigating noise issues?
We will not allow any outside amplified music at all, and have strict plans on how to enforce these rules. We are currently in the process of getting a sound engineer to help us know what the decibel limits inside the sanctuary will need to be kept at to not disturb both human and animal neighbors.
What is the plan for light pollution?
We are keeping all outside lights downward facing and following the guidelines set up by the Boulder County Planning team.
Are you willing to reduce the size of your events to appease the neighbors?
We have already reduced the number of guests we are requesting twice in response to neighbors and county referral agencies. We will continue to collaborate in a respectful manner to address concerns as they come up.
Who is going to enforce all these rules that you are making for events that take place at Prairie Orchard?
We will have on site staff that will hold guests accountable to following our rules. Our co-founder Jason is a former traffic police officer for the city of Boulder and is quite comfortable helping to enforce all rules and direct traffic if it becomes necessary.
Is this some kind of large scale commercial project?
Our intentions for Prairie Orchard are to offer the space for community building and healing ceremony. We want to pay our staff, support ourselves, be able to make enough to continue to pay our bills and care for the property. We are not looking to make a quick buck.